Deconstructing Rabbit, a cooking class

The Other “Other White Meat”

And, no, it doesn’t really taste like chicken — it’s a lot more interesting. Although a mainstay of European cuisine, chefs here who dare to have rabbit on the menu often get flack from appalled diners. Nevertheless, it’s a meat source that has advantages: it’s a lean protein that’s low in cholesterol. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, rabbits are easy to raise, and they breed like, you know, rabbits. Yet many Americans suffer from “Easter Bunny syndrome” relating to rabbits as cartoon characters, imaginary friends, bedtime story heroes, annual purveyors of sugary treats and, yes, pets. Given their formidable cute factor—we have trouble thinking of them as a table offering. So we have a deplorable lack of awareness and knowledge about how to cook them.

This class not only deconstructs the myths about rabbit, but also shows you how to physically deconstruct a rabbit, understand the different parts and cook them in different ways. We’re using rabbits raised at nearby Black Willow Pond Farm (Cobleskill) – and that is also where the chicken livers come from.

We’re featuring Black Cat specialties, our Drunken Blonde Fruitcake is made into a not-so-sweet stuffing. And our Fig-Balsamic Drizzle highlights the liver & bacon flavors (as well as the salad.) We’re also using a Lebanese favorite to sweeten the Rabbit Confit a tiny bit, and that is Pomegranate Molasses.


Salad of baby greens with Black Cat’s fig-balsamic drizzle
Gigandes Beans in a savory herb marinade
Black Willow Pond Farm Chicken Livers wrapped in Applewood smoked bacon
Toasted Ciabatta Rolls

Rabbit Leg Confit with Black Cat’s Fruitcake Stuffing
Rabbit (or Chicken Breast) Provencal with Tomato and Olive sauce

Ciao Bella Mango, Lemon or Key Lime Sorbet
Coffee or Tea


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