Cooking Classes, Dinner Club

Black Cat has held over 80 cooking classes (we’ve even published a book, available on Amazon here)

In January 2011 we founded a Dinner Club, which has grown to over 200 members — it features live entertainment by members and a fabulous dinner menu.  Held every weekend on Fridays and Saturdays (subject to sufficient attendance) we hope to continue it year-round.

You can also call us at 518.284.2575 or send an email to


  • Where will the class be in Cooperstown? Interested in classes in Sharon Springs.

    • Hi Christine, they will be upstairs at the Black Cat in Sharon Springs in our new space: just click the upstairs tab at the top of this page.

      • Sorry I missed your classes but would like to be informed of future classes.

  • thank you for telling me of your cooking classes. I guess I missed some but would like to come to the others you have scheduled. Please keep me posted. As I am a cater,
    unfortunately I have missed the classes I would have like to attend. Than you again.
    Christine Wolfe

  • we would be interested in tunisian cooking, better on sarurdays, thanks.

  • Sign me up for Tunisian cooking. Hope it’s soon. Might have another person to sign up if the date fits their schedule. Let me know the dates for the other classes.

  • I too would be interested in Tunisian cooking. I can’t make the Lebanese cooking but maybe you could do a round II? Kibbe anyone?
    Keep me posted as well….do you have a schedule?

  • I am very interested in taking cooking classes this summer! Let me know when you have info about when they are offered and how much they cost. Thanks!

  • Did I see today at the harvest fest that there will be candy making classes soon?
    If so how do I sign up for them?
    Thank you.

    • we have a chocolate truffle making class scheduled for either this coming Sunday sept 26 or the following Saturday oct 2 in the afternoon

      call me at 518 284 2575 to reserve a space, $65 or $120 for two people

  • Cooking classes? Sounds like might be of interest.
    What sort of classes?
    I am slow cooker, homebrewing, cheesemaking, breads

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